Jan. 4th, 2008

In Lodnon.

Jan. 4th, 2008 04:20 pm
Arrived safely; delayed in takeoff because they couldn't get the door shut on the luggage hold. I guess someone went down there with a can of WD40 and a kettle of boiling water or something. Never had that happen before; I think it must be the temperature fluctuations of the last few days (unseasonably warm, then right back down to -20C), because surely they do design airplanes to withstand low temperatures....

My, there are a lot of people here. It's quite nice in a way. I'm sure I'll think differently next time I can't get a seat on the train or end up late because of a queue at the bank, but it's kind of comforting to have the hustle and bustle. This part of London would just be eerie without it.

[livejournal.com profile] pplfichi came to get me at the airport, even though he isn't usually awake at that time of day. Much relief, as it meant I didn't have to wrangle two bags and a horn case on my own. Company was also good.

Went to vegetarian MSG buffet with [livejournal.com profile] pfy for lunch. Good stuff but they didn't have the mushrooms with brokli that I like. They did have weird see-through noodles in a cold salad. People who eat those with chopsticks must be very l33t.

Seeing [livejournal.com profile] hairyears for dinner. Then in Leicester tomorrow, then teaching Sunday. Will be at the Pembury on Sunday evening after teaching (or possibly Sunday afternoon if I can pull it off by moving some students to earlier in the day). Classes start Monday, so I don't want to be out too late.

Jetlag is making me feel rather scattered. I did get some sleep on the plane, thanks to Air Canada being quite decent and thanks to being bumped up to Business Class. My timesense is completely weird now though, an hour can go by in a long sigh and then the next five minutes seem to take years. Okay, I'm like that normally too, but it seems more extreme right now.

My accent is confused, again even more than usual. I'm sure it'll settle back to the usual level of confusion, given a few weeks.

If I ever get married I want Kraft Dinner as part of my wedding banquet. And lots of actual food as well, of course, because I don't expect anyone in their right mind to eat the stuff, just... yeah. I brought two boxes back, and I shall hoard them for Very Special Occasions.


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