Mar. 21st, 2008

Arrived safely in Stockholm.

It is dark here. Also there is snow. I expect one of these to change by morning.

THe internet in the hotel Just Works. Yay. Squeeden!

(Also, I got my assignment in on time.)


Mar. 21st, 2008 08:44 am
I'm here with [ profile] hairyears for a very brief time to visit [ profile] livredor.

It's been quite some time since I went away for a weekend (or indeed any period of time) just to visit people, (or at least, just to visit people who are not my family), and the opportunity was there.

Back in Lodnon on Saturday night, for I teach all day on Jesus On A Stick Day Easter Sunday.

It isn't dark here any more, and I found that I DID put my gloves in my backpack after all. :)

Saw an ASUS Eee PC in the Dixon's at Heathrow, WANT. Did not get, because don't have £213 (which is the cost in airports). Having seen the thing, I'm still seriously tempted. It would be no good for composition stuff but as a general keeping-in-touch and life-organisation tool it has great potential.

More useful in the shorter term would be a USB stick that is actually small enough that I will put it on my keys and leave it there. All the ones I have had previously have been cheap-ass ones that end up getting lost, with the result that I ended up using a CD-R to transfer my assignment from laptop to Trinty computer yesterday morning... waste of a CD for an assignment less than 100K. Ordinarily I would just e-mail it, but with no internet access at home that isn't going to work, and the free wireless I used to be able to get in the Trinty caff seems to have evaporated (it wasn't provided by Trinty, so can't really complain at them about it).

Breakfast now. Starving!


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