Apr. 7th, 2008


Apr. 7th, 2008 08:33 am
I have a cold, I think. My everything hurts. But I have Olbas and somewehre I even have painkillers, so there's hope for hte day yet.

Going to see if the greasy spoon will give me some brekky, then get my sorry arse into Trinty and try to get some practising done. I have a lesson later.

Schedule this week looks something like this ).

If you're available I could use help on Tuesday afternoon to evening and Wednesday mid-morning to evening. This will consist mostly of putting together IKEA furniture, so if that stresses you out or if you're going to get argue-y about it, don't bother. (I am fine with furniture construction; if I get argue-y about it, it's because of general stress levels. But I am physically not very strong and so putting furniture together takes me a very long time on my own, longer than I've really got. I still want to try to complete the move by Wednesday night, because then it will be well over with before classes start on the 14th. Maybe this is unrealistic but aiming high never hurt me yet.) If you like problem-solving and making fun of IKEA instructions then you are most welcome.

Someone to accompany me to IKEA and make sure I don't a) buy all the shiny (just some of it) and b) kill myself trying to lug stuff up the stairs at this end would also be good. Though I think I want to find building manager and wring their neck, because NOW there is a sign on the door that says "Lift broken, use other entrance", and this implies that a) there is another entrance I could use to get here and b) it has a lift. Um. One that works. Arse thorns. Sincere and profuse apologies to everyone who helped lug stuff up stairs on Saturday...

Also, [livejournal.com profile] pplfichi, can I borrow your drill again? Would be good. I don't know yet if I actually need it this time but you know how it was with the bed last time? It might be like that with the shelves this time, or the wardrobe.

Right, this is turning into longer than it should. I gotta go. Brekky and at least a good solid warm-up before my lesson later...


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