Jun. 3rd, 2008


Jun. 3rd, 2008 10:05 am
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Any Londoners have recommendations for a good optician?

For actually getting new glasses I will go to the place I went to last time, in Enfield, because they are competent and pleasant. I may go to them for the exam as well but if anyone knows of anyone particularly good elsewhere, do let me know.

I dislike playing lottery with any aspect of my health, and I do actually get to choose which optician to go to, so I may as well have a good look.

I refuse to enter any branch of Vision Express due to what happened last time (they left me with no glasses and no sales adviser for an hour, then tried to sell me expensive designer frames that I had already said were way out of my price range).
I need an ironing board.

I need it to be tall enough for me to iron comfortably. The tallest I've been able to find goes to 98cm, which is just not tall enough. The measuring tape tells me that I need my ironing board to extend to the height of 120cm.

It does need to fold flat like normal ironing boards do, because I'm very short of space (as you would be too, if you tried to fit a household into one room). Being relatively lightweight is also an advantage, though not nearly as important as the height.

I am willing to pay £60 for such an ironing board. Any takers?


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