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Mmmmm hmmmmm.

My grandfather used to sing a song to me, about an old woman who had a little pig. I never heard it anywhere else and had difficulty finding it, and he didn't seem to be able to remember where and when he learned it. I asked family and friends a few times, and wondered about it every once in a while, but never got around to really tracking it down.

I just came across it in the course of doing some research for a singing-with-children event I'm helping with on Thursday. The tune is rather different and some of the verses are not quite the same as what I remember, but it is most definitely the same song.

Looks like another version is here. ANd it looks like there's a recording, THE GOODBYE BLUES
Joe McDonald (guitar and vocals) Blair Hardman(guitar and vocals) recorded at Custom Fidelity Co. Inc. 7925 Santa Monica Blvd/Hollywood, Calif 900046. recorded in summer of 1965 by Blair Hardman and Joe McDonald 10 copies made. Re-pressed in 1967(?) 200 copies. Commercial pressing in 1970's(?)under title THE EARLY YEARS then recalled and destroyed,
or there was at some point, anyway.

This is not the book that I found it in but that is a very similar tune as is used in the book I found it in.

It's a day late, but it makes an awfully nice birthday gift.
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