Sep. 13th, 2006 08:35 pm
All the tired.

PSP planning class was a bit ARGH. grah )
I think it could work, but I know from the outset I'm going to have trouble with the 'music should be free' part of things. If you have an idea of how I should approach this, let me know. In future I'll probalby stick this on the [academic] filter but today I want opinions from the lot of yas. (And if you want on the academic filter please say!)

Then improvisation class, which was not everything I'd hoped but should be decent at least.

Then horn class, which was good but I'm wearing earplugs next time, ten of us in a room that size and I'm not doing so well now eep and my ears are sore. Also it was very, VERY orchestral-based.


Sep. 11th, 2006 04:46 pm
First day of classes.
first day of class stuff )

More about that on the academic filter later if there's time, but so far it is looking like better than last year. I actually LERNED something today, even if it was very easy it was new stuff that nobody has specifically taught me before. W00t.

This evening: no Aikido for me *sad face*, I have waaaaaay too much work to do still. There is BigScaryForm. There are the two assignments from last year that I still have to do by Friday. There are many students to phone, it's been really quite difficult to get in touch with them this year. There are hairs to wash, and dishes to wash, and foods to eat. And although I did practise and I did compose, I haven't had any real exercise today, nor have I been outside properly, so I need to go for a walk or a run or something. Maybe a run, it's faster. And I really need to start working on theory curriculum for my students, and get in touch with Louisa, Mihailo and Andrew from the Suzuki group and find out what they want me to do, and scan in my schedule and receipt and stuff so I can send it off to the bank in Canadia so that they can send me All The Munny. And I need to look properly at my academic schedule and e-mail my dad to say when I can come visit. And sort out the bloody passport form.
And that's without going into the stuff I'd like to do (like a few different LJ posts on various topics, and a shitload of reading, and all the gardening, and tidying beyond the damage control level...)
No rest for the wicked.

Spoke to my mum last night. My brother is apparently all settled in. It's really odd to think of him as being old enough to leave home, but time flies (like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana). Anyway it's good to hear that he's doing well.


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