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Jan. 4th, 2007 10:20 am
Predictions for 2007, courtesy of [ profile] blueadept.

If I'm not touring Canadia this summer, perhaps I should try to attend more festivals. Perhaps this folk festival, for example.

Bored? Why not build a thermic lance out of spaghetti and aluminium foil?

My plans to get up early have been thwarted by, um, sleeping late; not a huge surprise given what time I got to sleep. Moderately awake now though. In my head I keep forgetting that I am teaching later today and so I need to leave by 15:45 (and a little earlier if I'm doing banking first), ack and so on. Must get a move on and do morning stuff so that I can get some sewing time in later.

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Dec. 30th, 2006 08:45 pm
Ellesmere Island ice shelf collapse. I wonder how this is going to affect shipping.

Solar lighting kit - pretty good for a garage or something. Looks reasonable. I wonder how much better it would be with LEDs though.

One World Cafe - So All May Eat.
I know I've linked to this petition already, but it really is important. If you haven't signed it yet, please go do it now.

Also very important: IPSWICH RECLAIM THE NIGHT DEMO. Please pass this one on.

Wikipedia requested pictures list. I'm sure some of you somewhere must have a picture of a City Farm?

Several posts from [ profile] annafdd:
Useful pointers for friends & relatives of depression
Things to do if YOU are depressed
Unhelpful things to do when your loved ones are depressed
More helpful things to do when your loved ones are depressed, part II
What Not To Say To People Who Have Just Broken Up

Snail Shell System is yet another one-person living pod. From the same people we also have LAND - whereby owners of land can make their land available for any person to use. I think I'd want to know a little more of the fine print of this to really know what's involved, but it sounds like a bloody good idea.

Green Fortune make a StreamGarden which is your run-of-the-mill yuppie hydroponics system, but also a PlantWall, which you can only look at by clicking the annoying flash link. I want a PlantWall. The only problem would be finding wallspace for it that isn't occupied by books. Stairwells and bathrooms might be good places for them in private homes, though.

If you have old thumbdrives gathering dust you can donate them to schools and other projects in developing countries.

Spokeo appears to be a device that, um, aggregates your aggregated wossnames. So you can have LJ and Myspace and Xanga and all your RSS feeds and a dozen or so other regular-entry things, all stuck on one page. I see they don't have Vox there.

If you have time you could grow your own furniture. I quite like the concept, if perhaps not the particular examples shown. Of course, people have been making living willow furniture for some time, but you don't tend to be able to pick that up and move it around so much.

Chainless shaft drive bicycle. What it says.
what do you mean I should be going to bed? )

Other things:
I quite like this. But where are the books? Surely there should be books in that house. Maybe they are in the office spaces, where Cats Do Not Go.

DIY Jerky Machine.

grass lounger chair.

I've been saying this for years - Exercise to Increase Health, Not Necessarily Lose Weight.

Recycling obsolete Tube carriages.

Natural Burial. I believe there are a few of these companies around now.
Read this.

and this. Scroll down to "Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness" and read from there up.

These are both likely to be more useful than watching televsision tomorrow.


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