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Okay, long overdue for another link round-up, so while I sit here and wait for my hair to become manageably dry, here we go. If I don't attribute correctly, it's probably because I've forgotten where I got the link...

Kayuda is a web-based visual wiki/mind-mappy/wossname for tracking ideas and the relationships between them. Haven't tried it yet, I wonder if it's better or worse than the thing I was using to do garden planning and then forgot about... which was a bit slow and cumbersome, really.

Have any of you tried MoodGYM? It claims to be based on CBT and interpersonal therapy. MoodGYM is designed to be used by people who would like to prevent mental health problems or manage problems which are troubling but not incapacitating. It is designed as a prevention programme. However, we don’t know if it does prevent mental health problems or improve mental health. MoodGYM is not specifically designed for use by people with clinical levels of depression or anxiety. MoodGYM suggests that those with depression scores above 2-3 seek contact with a health professional. Ho-hum.

Flexible batteries that never need to be recharged. (well, not quite, technically, but I guess they liked the headline)

Losing the Lottery at - really, this is scary shit in so many ways. Unlikely is not the same as impossible, but people get locked up because other people can't understand the difference.

White Chocolate Jesus with liquid cherry centre so you can add your own stigmata. Shame, I don't see a recipe there; I was hoping for a chocolate Jesus-on-a-stick recipe. Perhaps gingerbread men with appropriate painted icing sandwiched onto a stick would work. Hmm.

Getting Serious About Happiness: Be attuned to what gives you genuine satisfaction. Study yourself. Take control. Hopefully they're being at least as methodical about this as the article implies...

Is Depression Overdiagnosed? Maybe, maybe not, but what they actually have issue with in this article is over-enthusiastic chemical treatment being used as a first line of defence. Le sigh.

Sun Moon Lake quilts. Pretty! Mega-expensive though; I know they're moderately labour-intensive but it looks a little excessive to me. I should so be doing something similar to sell on Etsy. And of course I'd love a cloak made of black and purple pieces, but I ought to finish the crocheted cloak first really!

Burda STYLE - open source sewing patterns to download and print. I still prefer working without a pattern most of the time, I think, or drawing in chalk directly on the fabric, but then some of my things come out pretty lop-sided, too.

Turn your jeans into green sandals - green as in 'recycled', not green as in the colour of Kermit. I'm seriously tempted, but I do have a pair of sandals already.

The Internet Bus - I like this idea, a bit like a mobile library.

Bitublock from University of Leeds - recycled housebricks made from household and industrial waste, essentially. Hey, we're running out of landfill and we need more housing, maybe engineering will save us after all...

Evil Cow Gang Viciously Kill Pensioner. I wonder if it's safe for me to go back to Isle of Cats.

Bears Found to Defecate in Heavily-Wooded Areas. Er, I mean, "American Society Creates Unhealthy Population". Chicken, egg, chicken, egg. I don't like the way this article seems to present unhealthy lifestyles as the only choice for American citizens. Yes, the layout and infrastructure and culture do make it more difficult to be healthy there than in some places, but whingeing about it won't change that, and doing things differently will eventually lead to a change in the culture. Duh. But if you're reading this you probably understand that already.

Trying to eliminate gas-and-dash crime in British Columbia. Are people that desperate for fuel, or is this just standard petty theft stuff?

Fried chicken and neighbourhood safety. I think [ profile] arosoff has hit on a winner here, folks.

Dieting Doesn't Work. Or, at least, most of them don't and research that says they do probably wasn't done for long enough.

The Utopia Experiment. I think there could be a lot to be learned here. I'm considering it lots.

Grabby thing on a stick! I want something like this for picking high-up apples that I can't reach.

I do rather like this dress made out of bamboo. However, I already have other plans for a sundress (or possibly two - one long, one short) this year, and they do not involve any more purchases on my part except possibly some satin tape.

Athritis pain processed in brain's 'fear zone'. Interesting stuff; I wonder how it relates to depression.

QuidMusic looks really neat and I wish I'd thought of it myself. I will be investigating this further at some point...
Okay, the number of tabs I have open now is ridiculous, so here we go in a link round-up.

Wolf Auctions - backgroud is best quoted: "At the end of this month, I am donating everything in my Paypal account to Defenders of Wildlife in their efforts to preserve wolves in Idaho, where the gray wolf has recently been removed from the endangered list.

Far from being a victory, the delisting of the gray wolf means that the still-fragile population is now open to hunting.

Appallingly, the Idaho government has declared its willingness to eradicate up to 75% of the state's wolves, leaving only enough to keep the species off the endangered list. This could mean the slaughter of hundreds of wolves, with prices for hunting tags set as low as $26.50."

I especially like this. Pretty!

Many of you will already have heard of Colony Collapse Disorder affecting bees and therefore agriculture, but some of you won't. Will I be fertilising my own squash with a paintbrush this summer? Yup... whether I must or not, it's good to get the experience now.

Sugar batteries could power electronics - this sort of technology-imitates-nature stuff is really neat, I think. I wonder about the carbon impact but at this rate it's all comparing "plants making sun into power" to "electronic stuff doing the same".

Time in Daycare Linked to Behavioural Problems. Research not designed to determine causality.

No-friction bicycle dynamo light kit. Bah. This just makes me want a Strida.

Online Art Show 'Repurposed: Art from Recycled Materials' - I'm half-tempted to enter but I don't know that I could put something together in time. Certainly there's enough crap that washes up out of the Thames, and certainly I have lots of ideas. I'm no photographer though - in fact the only camera I have is in my phone. If any of you lot who can actually take decent pictures with decent cameras would be willing to get together and do something before about the 12th of April (I think I'm free on the 10th actually), let me know, and I'll request a prospectus.

The Sustainable London exhibition runs from 9th March to 28th April 2007. Who wants to come with?

Pre-fab bamboo homes - interesting. Pretty. I'm not convinced about their usefulness in Very Cold Places, though.

Pathologies of Hope - I sometimes think I'd like to print this out for the brainhacker. As with all things, mental attitude is a matter of balance.

Living with Hypermobility Syndrome - seems more like "Living with a medical profession that can't always help you." Even the osteopath, who has helped me so much, has to remind me sometimes that there is no guarantee I will ever be free of pain.

Big Pretty Bridge! Link from [ profile] sinboy.

RepRap is a practical self-copying 3D printer. Open-source and should cost less than USD$400 to make. PRETTY!

Mechanics meets chemistry - I'm not sure I'd call it a 'new way of doing chemistry' but it is very pretty.

Online, phone therapise effective for treating depression. Go go gadget computer!

Tool silverware. How cool is that?

Doubt cast on definition of PTSD.

Solar-powered phone. I want one.

I'm considering getting hold of one of these utility belts for summer carrying-of-stuff - soon enough it will be too warm to use my jacket pockets as a hold-everything strategy, and my poor arms and shoulders are not so keen on backpacks right now. I've seen one of these in person - [ profile] hazyjayne has one - and am impressed with the design in comparison to many other utility belts I've seen.

Regular Exercise Expands Brain Activity, Regulates Mental Health - yeah, we knew that, but we didn't know about the "actually creating new nerve cells" bit. Cool.

Subliminal Messages for Mac and PC - cute.

Climate change affecting maple syrup production. I'm not sure why the Independent seems to think Vermont is so very maple-y when Canajan maple syrup is clearly the bestest (*grin*) but of course the same thing will be happening elsewhere. I'd still like to try making birch syrup but it's too late this year I think. Also I have a distinct lack of birch trees in my garden.


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