Mar. 22nd, 2008

Um. Oops.

Mar. 22nd, 2008 02:11 pm
So, yesterday I couldn't find 90 kroner, which was a bit odd but not a huge problem. Today I realised I didn't have the return coach ticket back to the airport, which is annoying but not the end of the world, we can get another.

Then I realised I also do not have my phone. This is still not the end of the world, but it is a rather major inconvenience.

As [ profile] hairyears has lost his camera we figure pickpocket in a coffee shop is the culprit, which is unfortunate but these things do happen.

To this end:

A) Please e-mail me all your phone numbers. I have a backup from ages ago... somewhere... but, um, yeah. Don't do it by replying to this post as I'm leaving it public. I'll make a contact details poll at some point later.

B) Does anyone have a spare handset I can borrow for a bit? NOT having a phone is seriously inconvenient. My PLN for now is to get a cheep PAYG sim while I decide what tariff to switch to, but I do need an actual handset to do this. As I have NO landline, and NO home internet right now, it is rather crucial that I sort something out quickly.

The Bright Side:
I still have keys, oystercard, wallet and passport, and I wasn't paying the phone bill by direct debit so no money will leave my bank account as a result of any thief calling all their friends in far-away places. I'm not totally screwed, just inconvenienced.
It's snowing in London. I imagine that it isn't very MUCH snow, because it generally isn't in Britain, but I'm not there so I can't really say; the Met Office website is somewhat helpful but not quite specific enough about how much snow has actually fallen. Anyway, the English can't deal wiht more than about 1cm of snow sensibly, so anything more than that is Lots Of Snow for all practical purposes.

This means our flight to Heathrow has been cancelled, and we will fly out tomorrow morning at 9am local time, arriving in London 11am-ish GMT.

This is interesting as I am meant to be teaching in Finchley at 08.30GMT... and, well, I don't have my phone.

Thankfully there is internets here and BA have arranged to pay for my use of long-distance phone from the hotel room to re-schedule tomorrow's teaching...

Hopefully most of my students will be able to re-schedule for Monday. That would be simplest all 'round and gives me a chance tomorrow to try and find a cheep PAYG sim and borrow or buy a handset from someone.

Further updates as events warrant, and whoever says "What else could possibly go wrong?" will be hung, drawn and quartered. Twice.


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