So, I, um, might have done some shopping this afternoon. And bought this dress and this shirt. I was very good and did not purchase the amazing bright red silk dress that I cannot find on the website. Impulse spending? moi? To be fair, none of my current smart-casual quite shirts fit me properly, I'm starting to get sick of living in t-shirts all the time (especially for teaching), and I've been pining after the dress since I saw it - and not just when I walk past the shop, either.

I bought two items of clothing that are Not Black. Hmm.

One of these to start with would be a good filing cabinet for me. They're stackable, so when my filing gets too big I can buy more.

I really need to go through all my clothes and get rid of about 90% of them. long boring clothing stuff )

I'm getting the urge to get the boot situation sorted out again. boots )

My elbow is still a bit swollen and sore, and I daren't lean on it but other than that pretty close to fully functional now. And the pain I get when I do use it is very much a "ooh, that's bruised" pain rather than "OW DAMAGE ALERT STOP NOW," so I'm glad of that. Bruises still barely visible, and I'm still miffed about it - something that hurts this much should be OBVIOUS, damnit, but the visible bruises are in places I can't show people without breaking public decency laws and getting a cold arse.


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