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I need some help in the form of spare bodies to help with concert logistics on Friday. I'd need you to be there from about 6.30pm, just to be on the safe side, though the concert doesn't start until 8pm, because I need to warm up the choir and do a bit of rehearsing from 7pm so can't be helping with set-up after that point. I need two people to sit behind a desk and take money and/or tickets from people coming to the concert. I need one person to hand out programmes. Ideally I need one person to act as a general gopher so that if anything goes wrong with those first three, it can be solved. Two of you need to sort out tea and coffee at teh break: this will involve putting teabags in a metal teapot and filling it from the urn, pouring the tea, and general hovering and being useful and making sure nothing spills.

It would be great to have a couple of people willing to stay after the concert and help with the tidying and washing-up, too.

For obvious reasons, this can't really be done by people who are in the choir.

You get to attend the concert for free, and you will have my adoration and thanks. And a pint afterward or at a later date.


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