Slow day

Dec. 30th, 2006 12:15 am
Spent today being mostly quiet and snuggly with one fine [ profile] hairyears. Ate food, went for a walk, read an entire book, played with new headphones. Yay.

Interweb stuff:
Project Wonderful looks set to change the way online advertisement pricing works. Perhaps I'll look into this at some point.

I'm thinking about resolutions again a bit. New year is as good a time as any, I guess.

I want to get more exercise again, because being out of Aikido since September (stupid bloody stairs) has made me get fatter than I like and less fit than I like. If nothing else, too many of my clothes don't fit. All is not lost, however. My elbow seems better enough that Aikido may be a real possibility starting this week, so that's good. I didn't gain the weight overnight and I won't lose it that way but I should at least be able to stop the slow creeping expansion and get some of my fitness back.

Other than that I want to slowly-but-surely change a lot of my living habits to ones that I will respect in myself and that will make my life easier. Well. No. Actually, I want to change these things instantaneously... but I recognise that maybe this is not the way forward. This is a huge category, quite all-encompassing, and I probably need to focus on one thing at a time. I'm not really sure how to do this without sacrificing all the other things to whatever thing I'm focusing on at the time, which is what usually happens to me when I try to change stuff. Hmm.

-run some laundry
-go to Isle of Cats, pick up my post, find appropriate Tumi paperwork for later errand, double-check starting dates for Trinty
-re-purple my hair, attempt tidying of some sort, do more comprehensive to-do list and schedule tasks for next week
-more YourMusicHouse stuff? Can I schedule something with [ profile] stortoise later in the week? That would be good.
-take backpack to Tumi, with appropriate paperwork, and ask for one that wasn't made on a Friday, instead
-resist buying things in town
-once Shabbat goes out, phone students to confirm first lesson dates/times.

Is it a bad sign if my todo lists need to be nested? Probably. Though it's partly a context-sensitive wossname, I guess, in GTD terms. I should do GTD for real. Ho-hum.

Travel will mean I get to try the headphones on the train and possibly even the Tube if I can be bothered getting the laptop out for that length of time! Hooray!

I would like to acquire some sort of false lap-desktop/tray thing, so that when I am sitting cross-legged I can have the laptop on my lap without frobbing the power cord. I know [ profile] mirrorshard has a lovely bamboo tray which suits the purpose exactly and also means a bit more air circulation to the machine. This isn't something I'm going to buy now; just something I'll be keeping an eye out for.

What are your plans for NYE? I will be at the Pembury Tavern. I'll try to arrive before midnight this time; I failed last year through excess faff. Perhaps the Fabulous Light-Up Skirt shall make an appearance.

But for now, the computer is going to turn into a pumpkin... or possibly something more square and flat than a pumpkin. It's after midnight, which is after my bedtime; after NYE I will need to get back onto an earlier schedule. So, to bed. Enough falling into the internet and getting distracted.


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