Aug. 16th, 2008

One of the assorted goodies that was in some of the Christmas confectionery packages that [ profile] pfy and I made up last year (with some help from [ profile] hairyears, I should add) was a... a sort of invented thing. It was rum-soaked fruit, chopped up and mixed into an almost-paste, rolled into a log with marzipan and sliced into rounds which are spirals. Then we poured chocolate over the spirals to hold them together. Mostly it was a way of using up fruit from the rum pot I'd started in the summer, and we were coating most things in chocolate anyway on account of having no restraint.

They were very tasty and quite popular and rum-soaked-fruit-things-with-marzipan-and-chocolate is a bit of a mouthful, especially when you've got your mouth full already with rum-soaked fruit and marzipan and chocolate...

... yesterday's picnic led to some discussion of this, because if I'm going to do the rum pot again I need to start, like, two months ago (though I can cheat and buy dried fruit for it if necessary, but still need to start pretty soon even if I'm doing it that way).

I'm pleased to announce that these convoluted delicacies now have a name: they are called Maria wheels. I didn't find mention on Google of Maria wheels being anything else, particularly; there is a model of car wheel by Gazario that is called Maria but that hardly counts. So yay for nomenclature.

I really ought to ensure that I make some this year, if nothing else to send some to the person they are named for, who I don't think I've met.


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